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Easter 6

Easter 6

Date: 9 May 2021 Sermon title: The Father Himself Loves You Preacher: Rev. Tapani Simojoki Text: John 16:23–30 Duration: 24min 32s Service Bulletin (PDF) https://oslc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Sermons/2021/oslc-2021-05-09.mp3...

Easter 6

Easter 5

Date: 2 May 2021 Sermon title: Do not Be Deceived Preacher: Rev. Tapani Simojoki Text: James 1:16–21 Duration: 24min 38s Service Bulletin (PDF) https://oslc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Sermons/2021/oslc-2021-05-02.mp3...

Easter 6

Easter 4

Date: 25 April 2021 Sermon title: Mortifying Forgiven Sin Preacher: Rev. Tapani Simojoki Text: 1 Peter 2:11–20 Duration: 26min 19s Service Bulletin (PDF) Right click here to...

Easter 6

Easter 3

Date: 18 April 2021 Sermon title: Imitating Christ's Example of Suffering Preacher: Rev. Tapani Simojoki Text: 1 Peter 2:21–25 Duration: 26min 46s Service Bulletin (PDF) Right...

Easter 6

Easter 2

Date: 11 April 2021 Sermon title: Believing the Words and Works of God Preacher: Rev. Tapani Simojoki Text: John 20:19–31 Duration: 18min 44s Service Bulletin (PDF) Right...

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