Broadcasting Instructions

(Click on any of the pictures to the left and it will open in an enlarged lightbox.)

To Broadcast from Mobile/Tablet

A free app download is available for Android & iOS devices, use the link for your device below. The login details can be obtained from John for security reasons.

First of all open the Spreaker Studio app and if it is the first time using the app, click the menu icon in top left corner.

Click the “log in/sign up” link, and then click the “Log in with Spreaker” option. Use the log in details obtained from John. Once you’ve logged in once, it will remain logged in for the next time you use it unless you actually log yourself out via the menu.

**Important note: Don’t attempt to login/signup with another option as you will not access the correct account, instead you will set up your own personal one! 😉

The rest is really straight forward:

1. Click on the red record button.

2. Click on the red “Go Live” button. 
(The record option will allow you to record only without broadcasting, and then upload once recording is finished.)

Give the broadcast a title, and then click on the podcast section below the title to select the correct podcast from the drop down. There are three options, with Our Saviour Lutheran Church being the one to select.

Once you’re done just click on the red “go live” button at the bottom and you’re on air.

**Note: Don’t worry about any other information requested, as all that can be done whenever. The only two crucial things are to give a title, and select the podcast. Even if those are done wrong, it can be changed afterwards too, it just won’t appear live on the church website.

Finally, just click on the red stop button when you wish to end the broadcast. You will be shown how long the service has been broadcast for, and given the option to share. If you decide to share, a link will be posted automatically to the church Facebook page.

During the time you have been broadcast, the embedded players on the church website homepage, and

will be displaying the live broadcast. Once you stop the broadcast however, when site visitors refresh the page they will see the recording instead. In other words, the recording will be immediately available in the same place, once the live broadcast ends.

To Broadcast from Desktop

First of all open the Spreaker Studio app from the desktop.

Secondly click on the red start button at the top of the app.

Thirdly click on the red “live” button.

  • Finally just give the broadcast a title “Divine Service” is probably best.
  • Make sure the Our Saviour Lutheran Church podcast is selected from the drop down menu. (as I have three podcasts)
  • And highlight the Facebook logo in order for it to be auto posted on the Facebook page at the end of broadcast.

Finally, just hit the red “go live” button and that’s it. The broadcast is on air.

When it’s time to end the broadcast. Simply click on the red “stop” button I’ve highlighted in the pic to the left. And confirm the end of the broadcast when prompted, as in the pictures to the left.

Everything else is completely automatic. The file will automatically upload, the players on the website will change from showing a live broadcast, to displaying the recording of the broadcast just aired.